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Strategic consulting, simplified.

Backed by the University of Michigan, Allovance provides a structured step-by-step platform for developing business and engaging with clients.

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Happier clients. Powerful coaching.

Powerful coaching + dynamic software = a better you and happier clients.

Grow your business

Grow your business and stand out from the crowd.

Manage client models

A proven platform

Unmatched confidence

Create more value

More value for your client = higher profitability for you.

Increase your profits

Reduce paperwork

Outperform the competition

Enhance efficiency

A clearly defined process means guaranteed faster progress.

A defined process

Complete projects faster

Take on more clients



Manage your clients and engagements in one software

No more jumping between programs to track your client files. Create new clients and decision models, multiple models for each client, and even duplicate models for scenario planning. You can even collaborate with stakeholders, customize and send e-mails directly from the software to schedule meetings, and develop models as templates for future engagements that can be easily customized.
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Powered by allovance

The tools you need to succeed.

Most coaching programs and certifications provide you with content knowledge and some sort of workbook filled with forms and handouts. The practice is left for you to manage. We provide you with the tools, knowledge and workflow you need to provide a consistent experience every time.

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Trained effectively

Certification courses.

In partnership with the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute, we have developed an easy to follow certification program to teach you everything you need to know to become an Allovance Decision Coach.

Our coaching program is built on a solid foundation of research and real-world experience. University of Michigan expertise will guide you through the certification process and make sure you have everything you need along the way. 

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make a difference

Your business, reinvented.

Being a Decision Coach is about more than a process. It is a new way of thinking about making decisions. People and organizations only ask for help when they really need it. As a Decision Coach you will be able to provide real, lasting, solutions based on solid data that will truly make a difference for your company and clients.

What does this mean? It means you get to focus on your role as a consultant, providing subject matter expertise and facilitation to clients while tracking the process in a flexible software environment that can be adapted from client to client. Use your own process within the Allovance Software and let it crunch the numbers, store data, and visualize your strategy. Or use Allovance's proven 5 step structured methodology to guide clients through strategic planning and capital allocation.

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We all know that businesses thrive one good decision at a time. It is a critical component of any organization.

Allocating resources (capital, time, people)
Ensuring accurate decisions
Maintaining a sense of justification


Despite understanding the importance of quality decision-making, many organizations face foundational challenges.

Lack of transparency & collaboration
Lack of alignemnt with organizational goals
Lack of objectivity & repeatability


If ignored, subjective decision making can lead to  unintentional organizational consequences that delay success.

Valuable resources are consumed 
Quality opportunities are missed
Organizational climate becomes toxic

Your decision engine

Allovance is a decision engine rooted in science, crafted around stakeholders, and built for consultants like you.

Your clients make decisions every day. But are they the right decisions? Allovance is built upon decision science methodologies, psychology, business change management research and general behavioral learnings.

Our research lead to the development of two unique product offerings:

Grow Your Business with allovance.

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