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At Allovance, our Implementation and Support Specialists have gone through rigorous training in decision sciences, the art of facilitation, the Allovance Software, Method, and standard use cases. Certification is obtained through a program in partnership with the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute


Ashlee Breitner

Decision Coach Certification Program Lead

The machine behind the scenes, Ashlee is the go-to person for Decision Coach Certification. An MBA from Wayne State University and a BS in Education from Eastern Michigan University have served her well as she has worked with thousands of customers and suppliers across the globe to diversify their business through certification services that protect and improve public health. When she isn’t busy changing the world for the better, she can likely be found at the lake with her family. 


Stephanie Ludwig

Decision Coach Project Manager

When Decision Coaches have a question, Stephanie is almost always the answer. Stephanie works with Ashlee to keep the DC program running smooth and to support building out our community of coaches. Her work with companies in Michigan that supply the Department of Defense (DoD) to support them in stabilizing, growing and diversifying their businesses has been instrumental in growing the coach program. When you add in her background in national level training and a Big Ten education from Michigan State University, you have a winning combination. When not working, Stephanie enjoys time with her family and travel.
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Featured Coach

Trudy Menke

Reframing Leadership LLC

Trudy Menke is the President of Reframing Leadership and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. She serves her clients primarily as an executive coach and team trainer. Her favorite engagements include those that help teams work together more effectively, encourage individuals to build leadership best practices that impact culture, and assist companies with facilitation and software to support effective strategic planning that drives growth.
Trudy's Coach Profile

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