Kaitlyn Kendall-Sperry

Benefactor Group

Kaitlyn, a Senior Consultant at Benefactor Group, ensures that clients meet their objectives by tapping into her background in nonprofit administration, grant management, and program implementation. As the Program Officer of a small, human services organization, Kaitlyn gained experience in nonprofit operations, managing diverse teams, and managing relationships with funders. Kaitlyn co-leads the strategic planning service line at Benefactor Group and helped to redevelop the organization's strategic planning methodology.

Kaitlyn graduated from Kenyon College. In 2019, she earned master’s degrees in business administration and public administration from The Ohio State University.

Areas of Experience
Strategic Planning

Nonprofit, City/state Government, Higher Education

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Get to know Kaitlyn

What attracted you to Allovance?

The right amount of data is key for decision-making. When there is too little, decision-makers don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. On the other hand, too much data can leave leaders feeling overwhelmed and make it difficult to determine what’s helpful. 

The Allovance process focuses on key data points – urgency, complexity, strategic value, and cost. When these elements are layered together, the outcome is a clear picture of what an organization should and shouldn’t do. It also forces people to acknowledge if they are including a project that doesn’t add much value because of internal politics or because it’s someone’s pet project.


How do you use Allovance with your clients?

We use Allovance to supplement our Design phase – where our client goes from dreaming about their future to deciding their actual priorities and objectives. That transition often includes tough conversations about what is realistic, what the organization can afford, and the direction the organization will take. Allovance adds a layer of thoughtful and objective evaluation to those decisions. It helps our clients understand the relative importance of their priorities and the strategic value of their potential activities.


What Allovance feature do you most love? Please explain.

I really enjoy the Compare step and the resulting prioritization. It’s so interesting to hear our clients discuss the importance of one priority or objective over another. You learn a lot about people’s personalities and perspectives. You also have a chance to hear why they care about the organization’s mission. 

Participants experience an “a-ha” moment when they see the scorecard after completing the comparisons. They are always surprised to see how those small choices add up to become the relative weights. The final scorecard presents their prioritization in black and white, which can be an uncomfortable picture. But, we believe that growth and focus emerge from discomfort, and it’s a productive experience.


Can you share a memorable success story or a challenging project where Allovance played a key role?

One of our clients, a non-profit organization, initially identified six priorities. Three were internal and focused on operations. The other three priorities were external and focused on programming and how the organization achieved its mission. After the participants went through the Compare step, their scorecard was heavily weighted towards their internal priorities. It was an interesting outcome for a mission-focused organization. But their programming was already excellent, and their internal structures needed work. The process led them to a strategy that was more internally focused, which will ultimately allow them to better serve their community and fulfill their mission.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I love spending time reading and spending time with my husband and son.