Trudy Menke

Reframing Leadership LLC

Trudy Menke is the President of Reframing Leadership and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. She serves her clients primarily as an executive coach and team trainer. Her favorite engagements include those that help teams work together more effectively, encourage individuals to build leadership best practices that impact culture, and assist companies with facilitation and software to support effective strategic planning that drives growth.
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Get to know Trudy

What attracted you to Allovance? 

I was actively searching for a strategic planning approach that was more systematic than I had seen in use.

Where do you see the best application for using Allovance?

I think there’s a huge audience for strategic planning that’s even larger than the one for capital allocation. Anywhere people can define where they want to go, they’ll need to choose how they want to get there, and weigh options, so that could extend to departments within a company as well as the larger company.

What is one thing you have changed about your work after going through the Coach Certification?

I inquire more about strategic planning when I speak with clients. I want them to see a conversation on Vision/Mission/Values as a precursor to a strategic plan as each should reinforce the other. I recognize that much of my work in leadership and communication best practices is really about helping people engage more effectively in decision making, and Allovance is a structured task-oriented approach pointed at that same goal.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I am currently enjoying our new pedal assist bikes which we can fold up and take places, and if I’m home for long, I love to bake!