Module: 8


This is it! The moment you’ve been working toward has finally arrived! As a Decision Coach, you’ve worked HARD, with the team and behind the scenes, to ensure your client has a scientifically proven, structured, repeatable, transparent, and collaborative decision making approach.

You worked with the strategic team to come up with the organization’s decision model goal, identified the strategic priorities and objectives that will fulfill the goal, compared those priorities and objectives to each other to obtain relative weights, quantified the Strategic Value Scorecard to obtain the scales, and used those scales to score projects and alternatives. In Module 8, it’s time to discover how the entire process comes to fruition in selecting your client’s portfolio, you will explain the various selection strategies for choosing portfolios that
most align with the organization’s goals, as well as explain the analytical tools that help guide the team in choosing the “right” projects.

Selecting projects is usually so dreadful, but by using Allovance, the process for selecting projects should be simpler, more visual, and more fun!

Lesson Content