Module: 10

Wrap-up and Live Engagement

You’re here. You’ve ushered your client and their team through to the end of an intense process framed around making incredibly important decisions for their organization. While each client will have different decision models, the one thing they will all have in common is that prior to implementing the Allovance process they lacked a structured decision making process, and you came in and helped them to find clarity.

Through the use of The Allovance Platform and your expertise and guidance, your client has saved time and money by finding a way to navigate through the process to come up with a portfolio that is thoughtful, pointed, and proven. For the final meeting with your client, you will walk the strategic team through the final deliverable, through the dashboard, and all the dashboard sections. Make sure the client is clear on how to repeat this process in the future by checking off the session checklist. Ultimately, the decision to continue is theirs. How they choose to move forward (or not) is completely up to them.

Lesson Content